Advantages Of Having Outdoor Advertising Agencies

Outdoor advertising like billboards, posters, taxis, buses, and railway stations all comes under good budget and can be affordable to small businesses. Expenditure incurred for outdoor advertising is less when compared to television advertising. With various ways of outdoor advertising agencies make a good amount of money.

It is known fact that, due to faster growth of the city everything has become expensive and there is a huge competition in every aspect of the life. Prices for outdoor advertising also shot up to 50%. This is because of aggressive competition between various clients.

Outdoor advertising agency in dubai are charging more for outdoor advertising formerly space cost Dh100 per square metre, for a standard 20 metre by eight metre scaffolding costs Dh16,000 this is excluding land owners leasing fee and now same site costs Dh800,000 while the price of a unipole is Dh312,000.

Price for bridge banner sites have raised by 50% and in some cases the prices have almost doubled and lamppost posters have gone up by a more modest 10 to 15 per cent. Industry sources say this difference is due to the fact RTA failing to offer all muppis and lampposts on a tender basis.

Since the outdoor advertising means 24hrs exposure to people, companies rely on the kind of advertising to get good results in the sales of the product. Rain or shine this outdoor advertising remains 24hrs. Whereas print media and paper advertising is sporadic. This is how agencies take advantage of this and make good amount of money and even clients get worth it response for what they have paid to agencies.

Since inventions of new techniques in outdoor advertising people are showing much interest in this kind of advertising. Advertising agencies are making good money by implementing latest techniques and latest equipment which are need for most attractive way to advertise outdoor.

Use of digital signage in outdoor advertising in one of the most effective way to grab people attention and it is proved that the digital signage advertising works better than all other type of outdoor advertising.

This outdoor advertising agencies charge money depending upon the locations. The main intention of this outdoor advertisement is to reach more people. If it is the centre of the main city or posh locations then the company charges more money. Client has to pay the amount without questioning him

With various methods of outdoor advertising, agencies are making good amount of money. People started learning the importance of this outdoor advertising, especially small companies. Advertising companies are readily available for companies who need publicity for their product or service. Always trust reputed outdoor advertising agency for good and favorable outcome.